Monday, May 22, 2017

Marie Christensen Bullock ( 23 September 1939 -20 May 2017)

This is our favorite photo of our grandma and WHN, taken in 2003.

As you may read by the heading, Grandma died early Saturday morning. Dad and WHN had been able to see her before she died, and Grandma knew Dad right away-her face lit up when she saw him.

We are very thankful for Grandma as she loved Dad and introduced WHN to dachshunds!

(Dad is also very ill right now- he picked up a virulent strain of E Coli and it is in his blood stream, so please keep him in your prayers)

Grandma is now at the Rainbow Bridge playing with our Aunt Pint, a poodle mix, and our Aunts Gingie and Nutmeg-the original Bullock Dachshunds

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Update on our grandmother!

We are driving back to New Jersey tomorrow or Monday as she is going into palliative care.

She had a stroke Thursday as we reported earlier, then she had several seizures Friday during an MRI.  Her internal organs are now failing due to her being in the end stages of Parkinson's Disease.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

POTP needed

Good Afternoon!  Sorry we haven't been around lately, but WHN's depression has returned and she has kept us very busy nursing her back to health! She is finally going to be off our paws!

However, today we learned that Tasha, Queen of the Unstuffed Stuffed Squeaky Toys, has a mass on either her liver or spleen and must undergo an ultrasound to determine treatment options.  It was discovered during her annual physical, via her blood work, and  X rays, which revealed that her liver enzymes were 15 times higher than the normal range, as well as a mass either on the spleen or liver. A review of previous years' bloodwork revealed no issues so this is a new medical problem.  Her age (13 in November) could be the cause and it may still be nothing, but we are prepared  for anything at this point.  

We also ask for prayers for Dad's mom, who had a stroke today and whose outlook is not promising- she has been in the hospital or rehab facility for the past six weeks and took this turn earlier today

Friday, February 24, 2017

Calling all Blogville!!!

We the DAchsies With Moxie and a Beagle (Tasha, Anna, Snoopy and Sweetie)- need Blgoville's help!!!

Our former foster Hope- the double dapple blind and deaf dachshund, is in photo contest at

PLEASE use the link above and vote for her- you are able to vote up to ten times a day!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Muffsterpiece Theater Presents: Pawdark

Chapter 2

The young weimaraner extended his paw, and said, “Captain Pawdark, I'd assume. My brother spoke rather highly of your family.”
Snoopy shook his paw, and said, “And I of yours. My condolences for your loss.”
Taking his seat, Phoenix said, “Thank you. We need, of necessity, to get down to business. I'm afraid there hasn't been a substantial commercial output from your mine for the entire time you were off fighting the Yankee Poodles. The good news, of course, is that I've no immediate plans of selling your mortgage to the Fourleggins.”
“What's the bad news?”
“If you can't show a decent output in the next few months, I shall have to call in your loan. I doubt you'll be able to make good in cash. Then, the mine will be sold at auction.........”
“And the Fourleggins will outbid everyone else.”
“What are my options?”
“You could sell it to the Fourleggins, and they could absorb the loss. You'll have the money from the sale, but no means of immediate income.”
“Do I have other options?”
“I was just trying to figure that out now. You could pay off the mortgage, but with no substantial output for the mine, I dare say that's not realistic.”
“What else can we do?”
“You could sell shares. But that's risky, and given that most of the fur around these pawrts knows about the, shall we say issues, you're not likely to get a good price on your Initial Pawblic Offering.”
“Plus, the Fourleggins could gain control by buying up all the shares.”
“The other reason that's not a good idea. But I've a pawsability.”
“Do tell.”
“You need to difursify your pawfolio.”
“Speak pawlainly, if you pawlease.”
“The Fourleggins have control of their percentage by finding related business ventures to invest in.
“Whereas I've put all my biscuits in one basket.......”
“Quite correct-”

“That gives me an idea.”