Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Alert! TAIKO of the White Dog ARmy

TAIKO, our beloved cussin in New Mexico, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Plese head on over and leave your condolences for his Mom, our aunt Sue, his Dad our Uncle Steve, and the rest of the White Dog Army.  (WHN learned of his journey while siting in O'Hare airport yesterday, while en route home to us)

How to Embroider a Baseball Hat

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Her name is Sweetie

Today, we the DWM are announcing the arrival of our newest pack member, Sweetie!  She is a pure bred beagle, and is approximately 6 years old.  She has lived next door to us for almost two years, and last Monday her owner died.  She had been staying with us while he was in the hospital, when he died suddenly.  Arrangements had been made for her adoption by someone else when Bud died, but we learned yesterday that those arrangements were for naught.  So, Sweetie is going to stay with us furever and be a part of Blogville.