Monday, October 20, 2014

Miss Snickers is home!!!

Dad brought Miss Snickers home today!   She is on anitbiotics, prednisone and tramadol and goes back in then days to have her sutures removed.  (We have no idea what surgery she had as we were never told about the procedure, even when we called twice a day)  She has pooped since getting back and had her chicken nuggets, and right now is curled up under six or seven blankets on the beds, alongside Sable and Anna Rose

Thank you Blogville for all of the POTP

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Miss Snickers update

Miss Snickers will be spending the next few days at the vet!  When she was examined this morning pre-op, it was discovered that she had a great deal of nasty pus and blood near the anal gland and that was cleaned out without her being under anesthesia.  Due to the massive infection found, so surgery will be performed until it clears up and disappears.  Now she will be tested with dyes to find out the cause of the constant infections and discomfort and to hopefully rule out the tumor.  Suspicions raised are that it could be an anal fistula that keeps bursting and so antibiotics, prednisone and tramadol will be her fate once she is home.  She will also be on an iv to keep her fluids up and lots of anitibiotics to clear up the infection.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

POTP needed- Miss Snickers

We know that we have not been around a lot lately, but we have a very good reason!  Miss Snickers, our 12 year old "foster" , has been experiencing great difficulty with her nether regions when she goes outside with the rest of the pack- she has been straining and not much has come out, if anything.  There have been multiple trips to the vet for enemas, a trip to the er vet, xrays, meds, etc, and we thought that the mystery was solved when it was discovered that she had anal gland issues. Once it was expressed (only the left side was involved)  all was thought to be well.  (Have you ever seen WHN doing the Poopy Happy Dance?  We need eye bleach from the last time she did it!)  Unfortunately, the problem has returned with a vengeance and it appears that she has a tumor growing in that part of her that is disrupting her bowels.  So, tomorrow, she will be undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, or as much of it as is possible, so that she can again commence firing on all cylinders, so to speak.  The prognosis is guarded, as it is not known if the tumor is cancerous, nor if surgery will correct the problem, cancerous or not.  IF the surgery is unable to correct the issues, and/or if the tumor is cancerous (we are paying for the biopsy while DRNA is paying for the surgery), Miss Snickers will have 6 months left.  Her inability to poop will end up killing her if the surgery is a failure.  WHN and Mr Geoff are devastated by the news- Miss Snickers has been an adorable addition to the pack, and her sister Sable has bonded with Anna Rose 2, so much so that the two of them are into constant mischeif and all three of our MIssouri girls sleep uinder huge piles of blankets on the floor.  (Tasha still reigns supreme on the couch)

Please keep Miss Snickers in your prayers tomorrow- She has only been with us a few months but she has come so far from an abandoned senior.