Saturday, August 1, 2015

WHN Pupdate

Dr. Snoopy here!  WHN will be seeing the second surgeon on Tuesday!  He will examine her and her next round of surgery will be scheduled. The original appointment was for MOnday with his PA, but since she has herself just been released from the hospital, the practice wanted WHN to wait until the 17th of August!  The drain has been in for over three weeks and is interfering with our medical duties, so I put my paw down and said NO!  Head Nurse Tasha concurred as did the nurse trainees Anna and Sweetie.

WHN has adjusted to the drain and goes around describing herself as a cross between John Hurt in the first ALien movie, and the Bride of Frankenstein, with some Edward Scissorhands thrown in for good measure.  (Her Halloween costume is going to be a hoot this year).she is now abe to shower and change her dressings every day, and is sleeping much more easily.  The surgical incisions have healed and she is up to 18 scars for this year alone- thankfully they are all less than two inches in length, but are all over the abdominal area, so this was not the year for WHN to buy a bikini!

WHN has not had to take a pain pill for several days and has started spening time with her embroidery machines- up to two hours at a time as she still gets quite tired.  She is able to pick us up and has even given me some sling time!  (only 15 minutes, but I was able to get her face clean- she always forgets to wash it!)

Thank you BLogville for all of the kindnesses shown to us and to Dad.  He has been fabulous in taking care of both WHN and us.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

WHN is HOME!!!!

Dr Snoopy here!

Dad brought WHN home several hours ago, and of course I had to conduct a very thorough post operative examination-and learned to my relief that WHN had not forgotten her primary duties with regards to her dachshunds and beagle baby.  We graciously allowed her to take a three hour nap, completely snoopervised by all four of us, in case she fell out of the bed.  

WHN is not allowed to do any lifting and of course no housework (please stop laughing- we all know she doesn't do any at all)  and is on lots of pain meds to help her heal.  The drain is almost a foot long and she has lots of new surgical scars, so no bikini this year! She sees the surgeon again Wednesday for her follow up, and opefully will have the date for the next surgery.