Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Ginger, my heart 

Chip, CEO of Dachshund Security

Anna Rose I, the love of Geoff's life

The Thai Master!

Today, Blogville is pawticipating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  We have posted photos of our beloved angels, Ginger, Chip, Thai and Anna Rose, all of whom we lost in the last three years (Ginger, Thai and Anna within six months of each other)  While our hearts still mourn, we can recall all that they gave us and how they each and together improved our mundane lives.  

Ginger was my very first dachshund, and my heart.  Her sudden death tore me apart and it took over two weeks time before I wa able to come to grips with her absence. Thai followed her six weeks later due to congestive heart failure.  His loss, while not unexpected due to his numerous health issues, dealt another blow to a grieving family. Anna Rose's death was devastating- we knew from the start of her reign over us, that her time was limited- at most two years due to her kidney stones.  She ruled over Geoff with a long fur covered paw for one year and two days, succumbing to the blood clot on her heart that prevented her from breathing normally and causing her to undergo numerous seizures that took away the Anna that we knew and loved. Chip left us last year, my tough guy and shadow- he was too afraid of the outside world and could no longer cope with the love we gave him.  I still hate myself for having to put him down, for I failed him and I always will know that I did.